University Budget Committee


A standing committee responsible for advising the President on matters related to the university operating budget.


Each year, the President will charge the UBC with a specific agenda for the coming year. Through advisory input to the President, the UBC will contribute an independent point of view to central university budgeting, guide the development of comprehensive budget and financial health reporting, inform the strategic budgeting process, and ensure follow-up on recommendations from university-wide advisory groups, such as the Structural Equity Team, on making these processes more equitable and inclusive.

The intent of creating the budget committee is to broaden the perspectives informing and advising our budget processes and outcomes. The work of the UBC is intended to complement the work of the other entities engaged in budget matters, including the Faculty Senate’s University Planning and Resource Council, the Business Management Advisory Committee, and the Dean’s Council.

As an advisory committee, the UBC makes recommendations but does not have authority or responsibility for decisions. UBC members are asked to represent the best interests of the University, and not advocate for individual units or constituencies.


Members of the University Budget Committee are listed below. The Committee is co-chaired by the Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs and the Provost and Executive Vice President.

  • Provost and Executive Vice President (co-chair)
  • Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs (co-chair)
  • Assistant Vice President, Strategy, Management & Budget
  • Chief of Staff, President's Office
  • Academic Affairs Budget Director
  • Enrollment and Student Services Division Director, Financial and Capital
  • Director of Capital Budget and Public Works Procurement, Facilities Development and Operations 
  • Chief IT Officer
  • Two faculty governance representatives
  • Two staff representatives
  • Two student governance representatives
  • Faculty member with significant budget experience (such as a chair or director)
  • Dean
  • College Operations Manager
  • Representative nominated by the Chief Diversity Officer
  • Representative of University Advancement
  • Representative of University Relations and Marketing


The University Budget Committee meeting will meet regularly throughout the academic year. The co-chairs of the University Budget Committee may call other meetings as the Committee or its chairs deem advisable. The committee will be staffed by Strategy, Management, and Budget and the Provost’s Office. Agendas and meeting materials are available through the Strategy, Management, and Budget website on the University Budget Committee Materials page.

2023-24 Committee Members

Brad Johnson 

Co-Chair / Provost / Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Joyce Lopes 

Co-Chair / Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs 

Faye Gallant 

Assistant Vice President for Strategy, Management and Budget 

Ichi Kwon 

Academic Affairs Budget Director 

Linda Beckman 

Enrollment and Student Services Division Director – Financial and Capital 

Brian Ross 

Director of Capital Budget and Public Works Procurement, Facilities Development and Operations 

Chuck Lanham 

Vice Provost Information Technology & Chief Information Officer 

Becca Kenna-Schenk 

Chief of Staff 


Allison Giffen 

Brandon Dupont 

Faculty Governance Representatives: 

  • UPRC Chair 

  • 2023-24 Faculty Senate President 


Shawna Gilleland 

Josef Mogharreban 

Staff Representatives: 

  • IT Business Analyst-Journey, Business and Financial Systems 

  • Disability Access Center Director and Department ADA Coordinator 


Keara Ryan 

Gabe Wong 

Associated Students Representatives: 

  • AS President 

  • AS Senate President 

Bernie Housen 

Chair, Geology Department – Academic Affairs 

Keith Russell 

Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences – Academic Affairs 

Tonya Alexander 

Operations Manager, College of Science and Engineering – Academic Affairs 

Jaqueline Hughes 

Chief Diversity Officer / Executive Director, Office of Equity 

Denise Logue 

Director for Financial and Administrative Services – University Advancement  

Max Bronsema 

Director, WebTech - University Relations & Marketing Representative