The office of Budget & Financial Planning provides budget, financial planning, and analysis functions for Western Washington University. The office reports to the Vice President of Business and Financial Affairs and works closely with a wide variety of offices at Western to provide budget, financial planning, and analysis functions to the University.

2022-23 Strategic Budgeting Process

Western launches the 2022-2023 Strategic Budgeting cycle with the Fall Strategic Budgeting Forum on September 29. Updated information about this year's process and materials are available on our WWU Budget webpage.

What We Do

  • Develop and implement policies governing resource allocation
  • Analyze budgets from the state Governor, House, and Senate
  • Recommend strategies relating to legislative funding requests
  • Assist in planning, producing, and monitoring biennial and annual budgets for the university
  • Provide financial planning and analysis at the institutional level
  • Serve as the primary resource for state executive and legislative offices
  • Monitor compliance with budget policies
  • Work to ensure budget resources are planned, allocated, and expended in support of Western's strategic goals

News & Updates


Western submitted its 2023-2025 Biennial Operating Budget Request to the state's Office of Fiscal Management for consideration during the state's 2023 budget cycle.  For more information about the state's budgeting cycle, please visit our State Budget webpage.


The Spring 2022 Strategic Budgeting Forum presentation on May 18,2022 provided a summary of the 2021-2022 Strategic Budgeting process and recommendations.


Outcomes from the 2022 Strategic Budgeting Process were presented during the Budget Forum along with a launch of the 2023 Process. For more information about the Strategic Budgeting Process visit the WWU Budget page.


BFP's analysis of the final, 2022 Supplemental Conference Budget Comparison for fiscal year 2023 is now available.


A comparison of 2022 Supplemental Budget proposals from the Governor, House, and Senate and BFP's analysis of impacts to Western is now available. View the 2022 Supplemental Budget Comparisons.

The university is improving our operating budget development processes to make it simpler and align it better with our strategic plan. For more information about the Strategic Budgeting Process visit the WWU Budget page.


A new Budget Proposal Archive Library has been developed in SharePoint for all members of the WWU community to view past proposal submissions and funding outcomes.