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Questions About Paying Tuition & Fees?

Please contact the Student Business Office for all questions regarding billing and payments of tuition and fees.

Tuition and Mandatory Student Fees

Fees and rates  Fees & Rates Schedule

2020-2021 Fees & Rates (Electronic, filterable report for Millennium users). Note: Enter the present Fiscal Year when prompted

2020-2021 Fees & Rates

Requesting Fee Changes / New Fees

  • Departments should submit the Service Fee form to their Divisional Budget Officer or submit the Academic Fee form to the Provost's Office (see forms for routing information).
  • Divisional representatives will review fee forms to ensure all needed information is provided and then forward to the Vice President of the Division (Service Fees) or the Academic Fee Committee (Academic Fees).
  • For Service Fees, the Vice President will approve the fee and send the form to the University Fee Committee for review ( or deny the fee and return the form to the initiating department. For Academic Fees, the Academic Fee Committee will review and approve the fees with final approval by the Provost. Academic Fees approved by the Provost are automatically published and do not require University Fee Committee review.
  • The University Fee Committee will review the Service Fees, ask any necessary follow-up questions and either approve the fee or forward it to all the Vice Presidents for review and decision. 
  • Once the fee is approved, the form will be "locked" indicating approval and it will be published on the BFP website as well as in electronic form in Millennium. The department may then begin charging the fee.  If the fee is not approved, the form will be returned to the initiating department with an explanation as to why the fee was not approved.